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Integrate Taulia’s Solution Into Your Platform

Taulia's API is designed to allow partners and customers the ability to easily integrate Taulia’s solution into their platform and provide dynamic discounting, e-invoicing and supplier services to a broader user base.

For Developers

  • Clean, RESTful API
  • SDKs for the most popular languages and frameworks
  • Fine grained access control to allow interaction on behalf of one or multiple customers and suppliers

For Partners

  • Integrate supplier data into existing workflow solutions
  • Free e-invoicing and business document exchange between buyers and suppliers
  • Build personalized dynamic discounting capabilities into solution

The Taulia API gives you access to billions of dollars in spend and allows you to submit invoices into customers SAP systems as well as retrieve Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payments. The API also allows you to:

  • Hook into messaging systems that connect customers and suppliers
  • Request early payments and perform analysis of invoices available for early payment
  • Retrieve lists of most recently created or updated documents
  • Programmatically access all functionality offered by the Taulia Vendor Portal

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