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As auto manufacturers around the globe continue to search for ways to deliver cost savings while increasing flexibility and agility, their internal finance departments are also striving to find innovative ways to drive efficiencies and savings. With such vast networks of global suppliers, these organizations need a comprehensive technology solution that simplifies collaboration and improves transactional processes, while also providing extraordinary value to their supply chain through a combination of supplier financing and working capital improvements.

With extensive experience in the automotive industry, Taulia understands and addresses the business process issues that these organizations face on a daily basis.

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Take advantage of Taulia’s leading Automotive approach to meet your unique business needs

Tailored for Automotive:

Taulia has thousands of Automotive suppliers already invoicing and getting paid early through the network, ready to start doing business with you from day one

Built for Scale:

Technology developed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain

Proven Results:
Taulia has developed a model that incurs fast time-to-value, with the solution up and running within weeks and your networked suppliers transacting immediately

Join 1000’s of companies already transforming
their financial supply chain with Taulia.

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