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In the wake of Healthcare reform, Health Systems have a renewed emphasis on:

Minimizing operating costs

Optimizing financial performance

Improving supply chain management

The Taulia Healthcare Team’s combined 75+ years of experience is focused on building you a world where:

Supplier AP inquiries become a thing of the past

Automation drives 100% early payment discount capture

Supplier relationships are strengthened through free flowing working capital

Our Customers

Taulia’s customers include 100 of the Global 1000 organizations with a specialized healthcare portfolio including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to name a few.

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Cincinnati's Children’s Hospital Launched an eInvoicing and Supplier Financing Solution in just 15 weeks

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Taulia Dynamic Discounting

Flexible Rates:
Not beholden to credit card interchange fees/Equitable Discount Rate regardless of transaction size

Supplier DSO Protection. Sliding Scale Discount percent proportionate to days accelerated

No Supplier Fees:
NO Supplier Fees to join the Taulia Business Exchange so 100% of your suppliers can participate

Dual Funding:
Early Payments can be funded by Health System or third-party funds depending on business objectives

By standardizing and unifying processes across the organization, Taulia’s solution saves Health Systems millions through automating invoice processing, minimizing operating costs and optimizing working capital.

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Expert Perspective

Don’t take our word for it. Download this PayStream Advisors report for expert insights on the current trends and challenges in the healthcare industry, and the benefits of AP and payments automation.

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Partnering With Taulia

Take advantage of Taulia’s leading Healthcare approach to meet your unique business needs


Tailored for Healthcare:

Taulia has thousands of Healthcare suppliers already invoicing and getting paid early through the network, ready to start doing business with you from day one

Built for Scale:

Technology developed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain

Proven Results:

Taulia has developed a model that incurs rapid time-to-value, with the solution up and running within months and your networked suppliers transacting immediately

Join 1000’s of companies already transforming
their financial supply chain with Taulia.

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Fill out the form below and someone from the Taulia team will get back to you shortly!

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