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Few industries are evolving as quickly as today’s retail sector, where abundant competition and shifting consumer demands call for constant innovation and new business strategies. In order to drive profitable growth and build a competitive advantage, retailers must constantly find new ways to deliver cost savings, while increasing efficiencies and turning the supply chain into a revenue generator through working capital and supplier finance initiatives.

With extensive experience in the retail industry, Taulia provides the ability to automate the payables process, provide visibility into the entire financial supply chain and allow innovative retailers to automate and optimize supplier relationships, greatly reducing costs and increasing bottom line savings. Taulia’s solution focuses on streamlining the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process for the entire supply chain - automating invoice processing and early payment discounts to ensure maximum savings.

Taulia Can Help

Partnering with some of the world’s largest and most innovative retail companies, Taulia provides a solutions that allows these companies to easily automate and optimize their invoicing processes and improve working capital through eInvoicing, supplier management and a market-leading supplier financing solution.

A few of our customers include:

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Partnering With Taulia

Take advantage of Taulia’s leading Retail approach to meet your unique business needs

Tailored for Retail:

Taulia has thousands of Retail suppliers already invoicing and getting paid early through the network, ready to start doing business with you from day one

Built for Scale:

Technology developed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain

Proven Results:

Taulia has developed a model that incurs rapid time-to-value, with the solution up and running within months and your networked suppliers transacting immediately

Join 1000’s of companies already transforming
their financial supply chain with Taulia.

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